Fire Department

The Norton Volunteer Fire Department takes pride in providing the community with firemen well-trained in firefighting techniques but also trained in rescue operation, vehicular extrication, search and weather spotting. Some of the members are certified medical technicians as well. The department provides fire, rescue and hazardous material response for the City of Norton and provides vehicular extrication in Norton County. The department currently has 17 volunteers, and is proud to report the Norton Fire Department has an ISO (Insurance Services Office) rating of 3. 

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Fire Code

The City of Norton has incorporated the 2006 Edition of the International Fire Code, published by the International Code Council. The code shall be the minimum standard for regulations governing conditions hazardous as to life, fire or explosion.

Above-ground storage of flammable and combustible liquids and compressed gas in outside above-ground tanks shall be prohibited within the City of Norton, except as further allowed in Section 7-304 of the City Code (PDF).


The sale, offering for sale, and shooting or firing of fireworks of every nature, shall be conducted only during the days of June 27 through July 5th of each year, as per Section 7-305 of the City Code.

Open Burning

Open burning within the corporate City limits is prohibited. Exemptions can be found in Section 7-306 of the City Code.

Insurance Proceeds Fund

No insurance company shall pay a claim for loss or damage to a building or structure located within the city, where the amount recoverable for the loss or damage to the building or structure under all policies is in excess of 75 percent of the face value of the policy covering such building or other insured structure, unless there is compliance with the procedures set out in Article 4 of the City Code.