City Code

The 2020 Code of the City of Norton, Kansas (PDF), was published under the authority and by the direction of the Governing Body of the City of Norton, Kansas, on March 18, 2020. It contains all ordinances passed on or prior to March 18, 2020.

The City Code may not reflect the most current legislation adopted by the City of Norton. Below is a list of the Ordinances adopted since the last update to the City Code. These Ordinances have been enacted, but are not included in the City Code.

Ordinances Recently Adopted

2020 - 2022

  1. Ordinance #1756 Adopting 2022 Standard Traffic Ordinance
  2. Ordinance #1755 Adopting 2022 Uniform Public Offense Code
  3. Ordinance #1754 Amending Code Pertaining to Temporary Liquor Permits
  4. Ordinance #1753 Issuance 2022 Highway Bonds
  5. Ordinance #1752 Adopting Comprehensive Plan
  6. Ordinance #1751 East Campus No Parking
  7. Ordinance #1750 School Zone Ordinance
  8. Ordinance #1749 Truck Parking on East Main
  9. Ordinance #1748 Annexation of City Property at South Second Avenue & West Funston Street
  10. Ordinance #1747 Annexation of City Property at South Johnson Road
  11. Ordinance #1746 Stop Sign Ordinance on East Wilton
  12. Ordinance #1745 Zoning Change to R-2
  13. Ordinance #1744 Service Lights
  14. Ordinance #1743 Stop Sign on Crane
  15. Ordinance #1742 Armory Drive Speed Limit
  16. Ordinance# 1741 City Administrator Ordinance
  17. Ordinance #1740 for Liquor Sale on Sunday
  18. Ordinance #1739, ATV and work site amendment
  19. Ordinance 1738, authorizing the execution of a loan agreement
  20. Ordinance #1737, authorizing and providing for the issuance of Bonds
  21. Charter Ordinance 21, regarding sewer improvements and the issuance of bonds
  22. Ordinance #1736, setting investigation and license fees for Solicitors, Peddlers, Transient Merchants, Street Salesmen, and Mobile Food Vendors
  23. Ordinance 1735, incorporating the Uniform Public Offense Code, 36th Edition
  24. Ordinance #1734, regarding licensing of peddlers, solicitors, transient merchants, street salesmen and mobile food vendors
  25. Ordinance #1733, regarding the removal of animal feces
  26. Ordinance #1732 for supplemental lease with PBC
  27. Ordinance #1731 for impound fees